Birthday Card Mailing Service

Birthday Card Mailing Service - Never Miss
Another Birthday!

In today's fast-paced world, card mailing services offer a valuable solution for Financial Advisors seeking to
foster personal connections with valued clients. They bridge the gap between the convenience of online
ordering and the impact of a physical greeting, allowing you to send personalized cards for birthdays, special
occasions and holidays. For just $3.95 (postage additional) your client will receive an oversized thick card stock
greeting card mailed 1st class.  AdvisorBirthdayCards has been providing automated birthday card mailings to
financial advisors since 2006.

Key Features of Card Mailing Services:

  • There are NO contracts, setup fees, or service fees.  You simply pay for what is mailed on your behalf and
    may cancel the service anytime.
  • Your digitized signatures are printed at a high resolution so they appear you actually signed the greeting card
    yourself.  You can also add up to 8 signatures.
  • Your return address is displayed on the envelope, giving recipients the impression you mailed the card yourself.
  • Your company logo (optional) is printed on the bottom center of the birthday and greeting cards.
  • You also have the option of including your FINRA/SIPC disclosure printed on the back of the greeting cards.
  • Option to choose a specific birthday card design for your client birthday mailings or have us rotate hundreds
    of birthday card designs so clients receive a different greeting card every year.
  • Your online secure account enables you to view and modify your scheduled birthday list, customizing
    messages and adding gifts like candy and gift cards to your birthday cards if desired.
  • All birthday cards are printed and mailed 7 days prior to your clients’ birthdays so they receive it on time.
    Oncemailed, the client birthday is rescheduled the following year.
  • In addition to birthdays, you can schedule “one off” greeting cards like Christmas, Congratulations, Thank You,
    and Sympathy cards.
  • Advisor Birthday Cards is centrally located in the Midwest to provide a centralized mailing hub to all US
  • All birthday and greeting card designs are designed “in-House” but us, so you’re never see one of our cards
    online or at the department store.

Benefits of Using a Card Delivery Service:

Automated:  Never miss another Birthday
Save Time: Skip the store and avoid the hassle of finding the perfect card.
Convenience: Order and personalize cards from anywhere, anytime, and in just seconds.
Wide Selection: Find unique and personalized cards for any occasion.
Reliable Delivery: Ensure cards arrive on time with tracking options for peace of mind.

Advisor Birthday Cards: Your Tailored
Solution for Financial Advisors

While there a few companies who offer a similar service, Advisor Birthday Cards caters specifically to the needs of financial advisors like yourself. We understand the importance of building strong client relationships and the power of thoughtful greetings. Our platform streamlines the process, allowing you to:

Choose Industry-Specific Cards: Select from a curated collection of birthday cards, holiday greetings, and cards for special occasions, all designed to resonate with your clients in the financial services industry.
Personalize with Ease: Craft genuine connections with personalized messages, signatures, and even your company logo.
Schedule Deliveries Effortlessly: Schedule card deliveries in advance for birthdays, holidays, or other important dates.
Reach Clients Nationwide: Send greetings directly to clients across the country, fostering lasting connections regardless of location.

What Sets Us Apart:

Financial Advisors: We have been providing automated greeting card services for Financial Advisors since 2006, and
in that time have become very attuned with the needs and compliance requirements of the Financial Industry. We
understand your industry and offer content tailored to your specific needs and client base.
Time-Saving Features: Our platform simplifies the process, allowing you to order, personalize, and schedule card deliveries efficiently.
Dedicated Support: Our team is here to answer your questions and ensure a smooth experience.  You will be assigned a dedicated account representative to answer any questions and help you get started.

Additional Considerations When Choosing a Card
Delivery Service:

Selection & Quality: Consider the variety of cards offered, ensuring they cater to the occasions you typically celebrate. Always request a sample to ensure your clients receive high quality greeting cards.
Customization Options: Look for services that allow you to personalize cards with messages, photos, and signatures.
Pricing: Compare pricing structures, including card costs, customization fees, and delivery charges.
Delivery Speed: Choose a service that offers the delivery speed you require.
Customer Reviews: Read reviews to gauge the service's reputation for quality, reliability, and customer service.

Invest in Client Relationships:

Birthday and Greeting card mailing services offer a valuable solution for businesses seeking a convenient and personalized way to connect with clients. For financial advisors, Advisor Birthday Cards provides a unique solution designed to streamline the process and strengthen client relationships through thoughtful greetings.

Get a free sample or fill out the form at the top of the page to learn more about how Advisor Birthday Cards can help you build stronger client connections and elevate your customer service strategy.

Corporate Greeting Cards

For just $3.95, your client will receive a high quality greeting card with your custom message, printed
signature on the card, and your return address on the envelope. You can also choose to include gifts like
chocolates, candy, organic healthy bites, candles or gift cards with the birthday package from $7.95 to
$114.95, satisfying all budgets.

We rotate hundreds of high quality corporate birthday, holiday, and special occasion card designs in the
mailings, ensuring that even clients from the same household receive different cards. All full size cards
are made in America on thick gloss card stock.

Birthday Designs

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Learn how Advisor Birthday Cards has helped
countless financial advisors build client
relationships and reduce client turnover using
our proprietary automated card mailing service!

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Why Advisor Birthday

1) Real looking "wet" signatures
2) YOUR return address
3) YOUR logo
4) Cards mailed FOR YOU!

Gift Options Available!

You can also include gifts with your birthday card.

Delixous Chocolates

Indulge your clients with the very best. Our assorted chocolate boxes come in 4 piece, 1/2 lb and 1 lb boxes and are the perfect addition to any birthday card

Update to Organic Healthy Bites

These amazing Organic Healthy Bites are a tasty option for gulit free snacking. This good and good for you option comes in a 4 piece, 1/2 lb and 1 lb boxes. Add them to enhance your automated birthday cards today!

Gift Card Options

We're proud to offer gift card options including Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, Longhorn Steakhous and over 2000 other retailers. Add a gift card valued between $10 and $100 to any automated birthday card mailing!

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