This case study will outline how helped Sue, strengthen client relationships and build her financial advisor client list through personalized advisor client birthday card mailing services.


Sue grew up in a small town near Colorado Springs and witnessed firsthand the struggles families faced when financial hardships hit. Those early life experiences sparked a passion for financial literacy early on. After college, she landed a role as a financial advisor with LPL Financial Services in Colorado Springs. 

The Challenge

Early on in her career Sue knew she needed a way to stand out to her customers. She didn’t have a client list to bring to LPL and started with a short list of customers from the firm she joined. That wasn’t enough to achieve her own financial goals and left her tired and discouraged. She wasn’t helping people achieve their financial goals because she simply didn’t have enough clients. 

She worked hard to develop strong relationships with her clients but needed a new way to break through. In the first two years her client list grew modestly, barely enough to overcome defections of customers to other firms. 

The Solution

Sue was sitting with a more senior financial advisor and was looking for advice on how to help improve her client relationships and grow her portfolio. The mentor asked if she was sending direct mail to her clients on birthdays and special occasions. Sue was skeptical at first. She just wasn’t sure if sending her client birthday cards would be worth her time.

Sue was researching financial advisor client birthday card services and found AdvisorBirthdayCards, an automated birthday card mailing service to automatically send her clients birthday cards. She appreciated the FINRA-compliant pre-written messages and felt the professionally designed cards with a personalized signature would work great. 

For a low, per mailing fee she would be able to have the birthday cards automatically sent to her clients without having to deal with remembering to send the cards out manually each month. 

Sue’s relatively modest client list meant she didn’t have to pay much to mentally check the box that her client’s birthday cards were going out on time. She started the service and quite honestly didn’t think much about it. 

The Results

Within a couple of months she noticed a significant change to her conversations with existing clients. Without fail, she’d get comments from her clients that they appreciated that Sue remembered their birthdays specifically noting that her “hand written” birthday card meant more than the automated emails they get from other businesses. 

One particular conversation was with a young widow with three boys under 10. The client had been having a rough time navigating life with her young boys since the death of their father. With her birthday coming up she just assumed she wouldn’t get much recognition on her special day. The birthday card from Sue came a few days early and was the reminder her boys’ needed to get mom something special. That “something special” was little more than hand drawn birthday cards and some chocolate from the dollar store, but the impact was significant. 

She noticed the conversations seemed to flow better and resulted in better relationships overall. Sue was able to provide a better service to her clients all because of financial advisor birthday cards. Even more, her clients felt more comfortable recommending Sue to their friends and family because they knew Sue cared about them beyond the financial advisor/client relationship. 

The truth is, Sue always cared about her clients beyond the advisor/client relationship, she just didn’t have the best way to show it. Within 2 years of working with AdvisorBirthdayCards she more than doubled her client list and became one of the top performers at her company. The results she attributes to financial advisor client birthday card service. 


Sue’s story exemplifies the power of personalized connections in building a successful financial advisor practice. While Sue was passionate about helping clients, she lacked a strategy to differentiate herself in a crowded marketplace. provided the solution – a simple yet impactful way to nurture client relationships. The automated, FINRA-compliant birthday cards not only saved Sue valuable time but also delivered a message that resonated deeply with her clients. The sense of being valued beyond just a financial transaction fostered deeper trust and loyalty. This, in turn, translated to a significant increase in Sue’s client base and her overall success as a financial advisor. offers a cost-effective and convenient way for financial advisors to build stronger client relationships and achieve similar results. By taking a cue from Sue’s experience, advisors can leverage the power of personalized birthday greetings to stand out from the competition and build a thriving practice.

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